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Don’t sacrifice video quality for social isolation.

We’ve all been on video conferences and watched videos of people who seem to be sitting in the dark, can’t be heard well, and more. Poor video quality and the lack of high-quality video conferencing has been a sacrifice businesses have made for the benefit of social distancing during the pandemic. Fortunately, Vector Haus has developed an easy-to-use Virtual Video Kit that lets you put out high-quality video content while still protecting yourself — no crew needed! 

Spread the word, safely

In-person meetings and large gatherings have stopped, but business goes on. From company updates to new product launches, there are still important messages to deliver via video. In the pre-COVID days, those video messages involved a crew of several people setting up lights, positioning a professional microphone, and more. But probably the last thing you want right now is a video crew in your home or office, yet you still have video messages to record. 

Achieve the video quality you want and the safety you need with a Virtual Video Kit from Vector Haus.

Camera sitting on a small tripod on a table alongside additional video equipment.
The Virtual Video Kit includes a 4K camera, microphone, tripod, ring light and all necessary cables.

How it works

Whether you have a speech to record on video or want to do a “talking head” interview, your first step is simply to contact Vector Haus and ask for the Virtual Video Kit. It includes a 4K camera, high-quality microphone and the few cables you’ll need. The camera even includes a “ring light” to ensure that the subject being videotaped is well lit for excellent quality. It’s the next best thing to having a professional crew. 

Comparison photos of man in front of grey background.
Left: Image captured using Apple's built-in webcam. Right: Image captured using the virtual Video Kit.

The process is simple: We ship you the kit, you record your video, you ship the kit back to us and we can handle any editing and graphics needs. The kit includes complete setup instructions, and we’re also available to walk you through the setup if you have any questions. We can also walk you through the proper framing composition based on your space and needs. All of the camera settings will be preset for you, so you just connect the cables, frame your shot and start shooting. Yes, it really is that easy.

Schedule your kit

As with any video project, scheduling is important because we’ll need to arrange for shipping the kit to you and to get any needed editing time on the calendar. Reach out to get your Virtual Video Kit project started and to get any questions answered. We’re here to help.

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