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Tips for making your virtual event a success.

Of course a Virtual Event should have a Virtual Event Video, but don’t worry, we won’t stop there. If you need to take a tradeshow, conference or special event online, use this advice to help ensure attendance and to keep your audience engaged.

Theme it

“Come to our Super Awesome Showcase” is silly, but it’s more likely to garner interest than “Come to our online meeting.” Develop a theme that will resonate with your audience as well as align with your goals. For instance, Winefest has a very popular annual event in Des Moines called Sips and the City, but because of pandemic concerns they couldn’t hold a live event this year. Working with our Anthologic partners, we helped create a virtual event and shifted the theme to “Sips and the City (At Home) — The Year of the House Party!” It aligned perfectly with the needs of their audience, who wanted to have a social gathering of some sort and sample different wines. And it aligned with Winefest’s goal of continuing to give their audience a happy and unique experience.

Create a buzz

If your event was being held at a specific location and you wanted a lot of people to attend, you’d get the word out. Well, the same is true for an online event — perhaps even more so since it can be easier to get people to go to Orlando or Las Vegas than to click on a meeting link.

An email to potential attendees is a good way to share some details, but first you want to create some excitement. You want people to mark their calendars and even invite a few colleagues. 

This is a great time to tease the audience with the theme, showcase it in a short video (see, we told you we’d recommend a video) in your email and on social media, and provide easy links for registration and questions.

Eye-catching animated graphics can make a major impact to help gain attention and build excitement. The video we created for Winefest was easily embedded in social media posts, emails, their website and more to help promote the event and drive early registrations.

Make it easy 

Now that you’ve wisely baited the hook with a video, it’s time to reel them in. Along with continuing to promote the event through social media, make sure that it’s easy for interested people to sign up. Create a landing page with event details and a registration form. Even the most excited potential attendee has concerns these days — What platform is this on? Do I need to download any software? Do I need login information or a private password? Can I join anytime or do I have to be there when the event starts?

Creating an easy-to-understand registration page, supported with instructive animated graphics, helps take the worries away and sets the attendee up for a great experience.

Make it special 

While you’re spreading the word about your amazing event, don’t forget to make sure the event really is amazing. If you don’t have a good camera and well-lit space, consider using our Virtual Video Kit to make sure any “talking heads” or product demonstrations are seen in their best light. Support speakers with engaging visuals, fun graphics and entertaining videos. Depending on the type of event you’re holding, you could have a chat room for comments and questions, have an interactive online game, use a virtual photo booth with custom backgrounds, let people download the videos so they can expand your event through their own social media accounts, and more.

From theming to (of course) videos, we’re here to help.

We can create videos and animated graphics that work seamlessly on whatever platform you use. Contact us today to learn more about how Vector Haus can help you make your virtual tradeshow or other virtual event a success.

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