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Set your brand’s tone with video.

You don’t need an award-winning video to launch a brand, but having one sure helps the brand get off to an outstanding start. When four great companies — Performance Marketing, Shift, Blue Traffic and Vector Haus — came together to form Anthologic, we wanted to create a launch video that would showcase unique elements from each company while unifying them as one. 

The resulting video not only launched the company both internally and externally, but it also earned an Award of Excellence from the Art Directors Association of Iowa.

Find the connection

When developing a launch video, think about why the company (or product or service) was created in the first place. That’s the message you want to deliver. That’s what will resonate with your audience. 

In the case of Anthologic, the brand was created to unify four complementary services under one banner to make it easy and efficient for clients to access any of the services at any time. So our goal was to show how the four companies can seamlessly work together. We accomplished it through animation that unified distinct graphic elements from each company into an Anthologic video.

The Performance Marketing moon was used to create the planetary shapes. Shapes from Shift show the flow of data. Dashes from Blue Traffic create rings around the planet. And, of course, Vector Haus put it all together. 

Compilation of the Anthologic logos and logo elements. PM, Shift, Blue Traffic, and Vector Haus.

Perhaps just as important as the visuals was the voice track. Rather than use a professional voice actor, we chose to have representative staff members from each company come together to share the mission and vision. The voices connected with our internal audience by showcasing the unity of the company, and they connected with clients, vendors and others on a more instinctual level by showing that Anthologic is greater than the sum of its parts.

Here to help

Our “showing is better than telling” philosophy helped Anthologic share its story, and we can do the same for your next launch. Whether you have a new brand to promote or are introducing a new product, video can help you make a quick impact. Check out more of our work to see different styles. We’d love to talk with you about your next project.

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