Add space-saving animations.

To create scalable, interactive animations that don’t overload your website or mobile app, we design using a file format called Lottie. Lottie animations are very small in file size compared to a gif file, but still provide high-quality resolution.

Here’s what else Lotties can do:

Improve load times.

A Lottie’s small file size keeps websites light and reduces the storage space required to house a mobile app.

Scale up and down.

Because Lottie animations are vector, they won’t pixelate no matter their size or what monitor they’re viewed on.

Make stories interactive.

A Lottie can be made to change speed or direction based on how a person interacts with it.

Where + how to use Lottie animations.

Stickers, messaging response animations, interactive elements — Lottie animations are really only limited by your imagination. Plus, they’re compatible with various operating platforms, including web, iOS, Android, Windows and more.

Check out our Lotties.

Rock animation
Audio wave animation

Ready to add in animation?

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