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Simplifying instructional videos through illustration.

Animation of a hand holding a smartphone next to text that reads "CSCPay Mobile App".

After launching its new laundry payment mobile app, CSC ServiceWorks wanted to create a video that explained how this new app could help make laundry simple, safe and secure. And we had some ideas.

Taking it one step at a time.

We began by drafting a script that broke down the process of using the CSCPay mobile app into quick, easy steps. We then paired each step with animated illustrations to create a clear and concise visual how-to that was simple for all users to follow. We also used centered compositions and faded backgrounds to call attention to important instructions.

Throughout the production process, we worked closely with writers, producers and designers to create a focused and effective instructional video. We also set up multiple checkpoints to give the client an opportunity to collaborate and provide feedback. 

Delivering a video with reach.

Thrilled with the final result, CSC ServiceWorks began using the instructional video in various digital marketing efforts and has made the move to translate it for its expanding customer base.

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