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Showing a machine in its element.

Aerial view of large mine and mining operation.

Autonomous Pit Vipers are used in mining to create safer, more efficient mining methods. To showcase that benefit, Epiroc came to us to help them develop a video case study of Autonomous Pit Vipers in action at the Peñasquito mine. So we put our storytelling hats on.

Mining for a story.

To help develop the story surrounding Epiroc’s Autonomous Pit Viper, we knew it would be important to tap into the people who use this machine every day. So we created a series of interview questions for current Epiroc employees and mine workers, and facilitated video interviews onsite in Mexico.

During our time onsite, we also captured drone footage, video of the machine in action and still photography to be used in additional marketing materials. Seeing our clients’ products in action is an opportunity we never pass up.

Adding in brand touches.

When editing and developing the final video, we paid close attention to Epiroc’s brand guidelines that our partners at Performance Marketing helped develop. We also layered on motion graphics to call out experts and specific benefits of the Autonomous Pit Viper, and added color accents to help break up a fairly neutral mining landscape.

Delivering reusable video content.

Since its creation, the Autonomous Pit Viper video case study has been translated into multiple languages and edited into several different cuts for additional distribution. The footage that was captured has also been repurposed across a variety of Epiroc projects.

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