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Bringing a new brand’s story to life.

Animated image of man sitting at a desk and using his computer, with social media icons floating in the background.

Denim Social was on the verge of launching its new brand and social media management app for the banking, insurance and wealth management industry. They needed a video that introduced its product and services to the market while sparking interest among new and prospective customers. That’s when we got the call.

Discovering the right voice and animation style.

The topic of social media management is a bit complex and abstract, and offers little to film. That’s why we determined an animated video approach would be the most effective way to demonstrate and communicate the capabilities of the Denim Social platform. Animations were used to break down complexities of the digital social media management platform into something that was easy for potential users of the app to digest and understand.

Additionally, in an effort to help Denim Social find its brand voice, we explored different tones and searched through various voiceover styles. We found that a fun yet intelligent voice fit the Denim Social brand and worked well within the highly regulated tech space. 

Creating through collaboration.

Working in collaboration with the Denim Social team, we set up a series of checkpoints throughout the style development and production process. This allowed us to iterate on the style and hone our message — creating a unique, colorful story with seamless transitions and stylized characters.

And knowing that we needed to fulfill different media needs, we developed an approach that allowed us to easily trim down the video content into shorter snippets for social while still telling the full Denim Social story.

Making a new brand shine.

Through our collaborative process, we were able to develop a video that fit right in with the new brand. Plus, each version of the video brought the Denim Social story to life — helping to attract new and prospective customers.

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