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Breaking down intriguing tech with 3D animation.

Close-up depiction of a molecule floating through the air on a dark blue background.

Victory Innovations is a manufacturer of electrostatic sprayers — an established technology that became widely used for disinfection at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The science behind the product is fascinating. It involves charged particles that stick to and wrap around surfaces, which makes it the superior disinfection method to the traditional bottle sprayers you buy off the shelf. However, how the technology works is not an easy “get” for customers without a visual demonstration. So our challenge was to make the technology easy to understand — and cool, because it is.

Telling a more dynamic story.

Other competitors in the electrostatic sprayer space have created graphics and videos to try to explain the technology. But because they were made entirely of 2D animations, the story tended to fall flat.

We determined that by using 3D animation and X-Particles, we could better illustrate the wrapping effect the sprayers provide as well as simulate the realistic qualities of the sprayed liquid. This approach allowed us to produce an energetic view of the technology on the “molecular level” and follow a molecule along its journey from the sprayer to its final destination.

Producing a high-tech demonstration.

Production on this piece all started with a bit of scripting and storyboarding to ensure we were aligned with Victory Innovations on the story we wanted to tell. Next, we moved into Cinema 4D, where we created each sequence, added the particle effects with X-Particles and rendered out the sequences individually. Once each sequence was rendered out of Cinema 4D, we then brought everything into Adobe® After Effects® and composited it together. In After Effects, we added additional effects, adjusted the coloring and blended scenes together through creative transitions.

Ultimately, 3D animation was the only way we could really tell a compelling technology story. It gave us the creative freedom to demonstrate the science in a whole new way. And by working with a 3D rendered object (the sprayer), we gained maximum flexibility in editing. That’s because we didn’t have to rely on a product shoot and hope that we filmed everything we needed only to find out that a reshoot would be required down the line. The rendered object allowed us to make adjustments as needed without throwing a major wrench into our project timeline.

We also created the lighting from scratch to best highlight the elements we wanted to draw the eye to. Everything from lighting the physical objects themselves to creating environmental glows and atmosphere helped boost production value and demonstrate the high-tech nature of the product. Additionally, we chose a music track that was fun and energetic to match the high-energy visuals we were trying to achieve. Finally, we mixed in additional sound design for a finishing touch.

Setting the bar high.

Using our 3D animation toolbox, we were able to create a visually striking video that simplified the inner workings of electrostatic spray technology and could be used across multiple channels of communication. We also helped Victory Innovations present their solutions in a way that was completely unique to their competitors — making them the standout brand.

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